At JAY JAGDAMBA LIMITED, we are using wide range of modern stainless steel manufacturing facilities, fully equipped with the most advanced machinery with stringent monitoring processes, soon we will be equipped with new 35 MT Induction Furnace , Argon Oxygen Decarburization (A.O.D) with 26” /20” Rolling Mill to produce Round Bars in-house up to 220 MM.

Steel Melting Shop & Rolling Mill Division
• 15 ton capacity induction furnace for melting.
• 18 ton capacity A.O.D. vessel for refining.
• 6/11 two strand continuous casting machine with Electro Magnetic Stirrer (M-EMS).
• Facility for bottom pouring ingot casting up to 6 MT.
• 12" - 6 stand semi autometic Rolling Mill
• 16" - 5 stand semi automatic Rolling Mill
• Billet reheating furnace at Rolling Mill

Heat Treatment Division
• Wire Rod Coil Solution Annealing Furnace.
• Annealing Furnace for Round Bars.
• Quench & Tempering Furnace.
• Solution Annealing Furnace.

Bright Bar Division
​• 12 No's - Peeling Lines for peeling from 16 MM to 150 MM.
• 3 No's - Schumag combined drawing Lines.
• 20 No's - Centerless Grinding Lines.
• Equipped with Auto Crack Detecting Line.
• Ultrasonic Testing Facility.

​Threaded Bar Division
• Our threaded bar Division is equipped with latest technology threading machines

Forging Division
• Cutting Shop
• 3 No's of Forging Hammers of 6 Ton , 2 Ton ,and 1 Ton.
• Heat Treatment - Gas based Heat Treatment Facility.
• Machine Shop - CNC Turning Machines and VMC Turing Machines with latest technology to maintain world class machining standards for various forged components.