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Stainless Steel Ingots Manufacturers India
Stainless Steel Ingots Manufacturers India

With a wide range of Stainless and Alloy Steel grades, we offer variety of ingots in weight up to 22 M.T. in square, octagonal and round shapes as following:

Ingot Size Shape of Ingot Ingot Weight (In Kilograms)
8"X9"X52" Square 500
9"X11"X52” Square 700
11" X 13" X 52" Square 970
14" X 16" X 62" Square 2400
16" X 20" X 55" Square 2500
20" X 24" X 72" Square 4900
27" X 30" X 62" Polygonal 5500
400 DIA X 2.5 METER Round 2500
500 DIA X 2.5 METER Round 3900
600 DIA X 2.5 METER Round 5600
Supply Condition
  • Ingots are supplied in Spot Grinded or Fully Grinded Condition
  • Cropped Ends
  • Free from surface defects or cracks
  • Ingots are supplied with smooth ends
  • 100% tested through handheld spectrometer
  • Every piece is marked with heat number, grade, size and weight
  • Free from radioactive elements & mercury, lead contamination