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Stainless Steel Billets Manufacturers India
Stainless Steel Billets Manufacturers India

We offer wide range of Stainless steel Billets in 300, 400 Series like 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 347, 2205, 2507, 17-4PH & High Nickel Alloys in all Grades & Specification also as per customer specifications and requirement:

  • Our Sizes: 80 X 80 mm, 100 X 100 mm, 120 X 120 , 140 X 140, 160 X 160, 200 X 200 mm,
  • Length: Exact or random as per buyers requirements


Our modern steel melting Shop consists of an induction furnace, A continuous casting machine. The quality is controlled by highly trained personnel by means of continuous testing and process control. This shop produces billets / blooms / RCS in various special steel grades as per IS, BIS, DIN Standards.

SIZE RANGE BILLET / BLOOM 80 X 80 mm, 100 X 100 mm, 120 x 120 mm, 140 x 140 mm, 160 x 160 mm, 200 x 200 mm,

301, 302, 304, 304L,309,310,316,316L, 316Ti, 317L,321,329,347,AND ALL OTHER 300 SERIES GRADES...



JAY JAGDAMBA LIMITED offers its Continuous Castings Billets for various applications like

  1. Forging Industries – for forging, upsetting, and ring-rolling applications. A very important field of application for Jagdamba's semis is the production of flanges.
  2. Re-rolling Industries – for re-rolling into various Sections & Profiles
  3. Processing Industries – for peeling or turning the Hot Rolled Bars into the Cold Finished Bars & Precision Shafts.

At CCM, we take all the necessary precautions to avoid the ingress of gases from the atmosphere during its Billet casting process. This is done by ensuring completely closed casting through Argon Shroud during Continuous Casting. In case of Ingot Casting, it is ensured by providing an Inert Gas Shroud to the metal stream between trumped & the ladle. The material also conforms to the Siemens & Bosch specifications.

Size Range Billet Weight Per Meter
120 x 120 mm 112 Kg
140 x 140 mm 152 Kg
160 x 160 mm 200 Kg
200 x 200 mm 314 Kg

Supply Conditions

  • Suitable for Ring Rolling, Forging, Re-rolling & Up-setting.
  • Maximum length up to 9 meters
  • Cold Sawable
  • Hard Stamped with Heat Number, Grade & Size & Weight of the Billet
  • Spot Ground or Fully Ground Surface - as per the requirement
  • Free from surface defects & Cracks
  • Smooth ends (without burrs) / No sharp edges
  • 100% material identity tested thru Niton handheld spectrometer